Samples to Success

Its What The People Want

For our brand to become established there are many obstacles we must tackle to get ahead. One of those obstacles would definitely include our first sale. Let's ask this simple question, how many people wear t-shirts on their backs? We would say that (except for you Mr. Suit and Tie everyday kind of guy) the majority of people wear a simple t-shirt for a good portion of their day. Why is this important to a brand like ours? Only because our main goal is to put that tee on your back and if our product doesn't meet our standards, its going back to the cutting board. I don't want to sell you on the fact that our brand is better than the others, or say we give you this or that, but we want you to wear a comfy shirt, with a meaning behind it. Which to us is defined by your story. Whether you are still under your parents roof asking permission to go out or the young adult who has the freedom to make his or her own decisions. You are defining your story and defining your life. We want to help define it too. We're not talking a 350$ Egyptian cotton with gold woven into the fabric kind of t-shirt, nor are we discussing a skimpy wife-beater type, but simply a t-shirt with a story. Your story. (Not knocking either type, they are both perfectly fine pieces of clothing.) Yes we sell the same model of t-shirt to someone else on our website; however, each one is in a limited quantity so you get the exclusivity you paid for.

What our company promises is the tradition of excelence. Just like the love your mother puts into baking you cookies, we put the love into every stitch. Each shirt is made to order, and will not be shipped to you until we see fit. (This is why there is a slightly longer time between order to your doorstep.) We put you first as a customer, but also your respect and dignity as a human being who understand fashion.

From the idea stage, to the production stage our product exists because of you. No matter the occasion it's what you want. How do we know this? Because you have been searching for that perfect fitted shirt, that has your style contrasted with a simple display of your boldness.This is what we've set out to create. Society tells us to join the crowd and be average, but the worst you could be is just like everyone else.