NOT Ralph Lauren or Louis Vuitton. We are not Dior or Gucci, Balenciaga or Commes Des Garçon. What about Zara? Topman? Not even Uniqlo or H&M? No, No and No. 

We are not a massive designer house that drops collections with thousands of products. Our planning and design process does not happen 1 year in advance and we don't release 3 months before the season is here. We don't spend months on end creating the craziest wardrobes and fashion statements.

Instead - 

We take the bits and pieces, raw edges and fine-lines. We take the best in our eyes and we combine them with only the best to create something truly unique. Whether a drop hoodie or a simple crew neck. Graphic designs or embossed logos.

We are a little streetwear, a little modern. A dash of preppy while we flirt with grungy. We are rockstars and we design for our rockstars. 

We aren't one thing and we aren't them all - We are Thomas Amari, the best of the best. 

Hunter Gann, CEO